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We are the worlds top Theatre Trip provider.  If you have ever attended live Theatre you can appreciate the magic it brings.  Live Theatre is one of the most diverse forms of entertainment in the World.  Sports Are Better Live will get you the best fights to the city of your event, we will set you up at the best resort or hotel for your event and will get you the tickets you need to experience Live Theatre the way you like.  Some of the most common destinations are New Your city for Broadway tickets, or Las Vegas for Live Show tickets.  We can connect you with Cirque de Soleil tickets, Broadway tickets, Vegas Show tickets, Book of Mormon tickets, Chicago tickets, Jesus Christ Super Star tickets, Blue Man Group tickets, Wicked tickets, The Godfather Live Tickets.  Whatever you fance we will make all the arrangements for you.  Give us a call, send us an email or just fill out the form below.  Our team will get back to you and will make your trip a reality.

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